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Every journey Alice has taken to Wonderland Hatter has always been there to help her out. She enjoys his company and has yet to find a tea party that can beat his. As one of her best friends he will always hold a special place in her heart.

Alice is very fond of chessy. She has known him since her very first trip to Wonderland as a young child and since then they have grown to be good friends. She enjoys his whacky ways and knows that he secretly likes a good rub behind the ears.

Alice and Wendy are very alike. They both live in London and have traveled to worlds beyond our own. Alice adores talking to Wendy about all things impossible and imaginative without feeling like an absolute lunatic. She feels as if Wendy is the sister she never had and will do anything to protect her.

Alice has met Flynn a number of times, she first bumped into him at an Expo in Arendelle when she was lost. He helped her find her way again and from that moment on she's trusted him. Despite him having a shady past she finds him very sweet and caring and counts him as a good friend of hers. He was one of the very few to believe in Wonderland.

A boy whom Alice met in the disguise of a servant. Since their first meeting she has bumped into him many times, soon finding out that he was really the king of England! She finds him very sweet, and is grateful to how supporting he is to her trading business. She understands how strange it must have been for Arthur to suddenly find out he was king of England, and loves to spend time with him while they both forget about the duties they uphold. Alice is honoured to call him a friend.


:iconwdisneyrp-quasi::iconwdisneyrp-dim::iconwdisneyrp-anna::iconwdisneyrp-gogo::iconwdisneyrp-ortensia::iconwdisneyrp-piglet: :iconwdisneyrp-tadashi::iconwdisneyrp-elsa: :iconwdisneyrp-nick: :iconwdisneyrp-isabella: :iconwdisneyrp-ariel:



Enemies outside of WL

None so far, let's hope it stays that way!~


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WDisneyRP-Alice's Profile Picture
Alice Kingsleigh
United Kingdom

"I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then. I'm afraid I can't explain myself, because I'm not myself, you know. I can't put it any more clearly for it isn't clear to me."

"My name is Alice. I live in London. I have a mother named Helen and a sister named Margaret. My father was Charles Kingsleigh. He had a vision that stretched half-way around the world and nothing ever stopped him. I'm his daughter. I'm Alice Kingsleigh."

"I sometimes believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

Alice's Character Development Profile
Aliases: Alice, Miss Kingsleigh and occasion I have been called Golden Girl.

Age: 22

Home: London, England. Although with my trading business I travel around a lot.

I try my very best to be good, but we all enjoy a bit of mischief now and again ;)

Personality: A daydreamer, very curious, dreamy, thoughtful, imaginative, polite, well-mannered, kind, honest, respectful, brave..and I suppose I can have a bit of an attitude at times...

Abilities: Vivid imagination, shrinking and growing size, riding the Bandersnatch, using the Vorpal Sword, slaying the Jabberwock, escaping to Wonderland.

Habits: Daydreaming, believing impossible things, chasing rabbits, drinking strange liquids with labels, falling down holes

Flaws: Head in the clouds,impatient, often getting into trouble, easily confused or distracted, easily offended, doesn't tolerate rudeness and can be quick to lose her temper, sometimes confused about her identity, when stressed or under pressure she paces, slightly insecure and wants to find her "muchness." Can be too curious at times.

Family: father Charles Kingsleigh (deceased), mother Helen, sister Margaret.

Enemies in Wonderland: The horrid Red Queen/The Queen of Hearts :iconwdisneyrp-red-queen:
She caused so much pain and horror in Wonderland that Alice will always despise her.

(As I am a group admin feel free to note me any questions you may have or problems relating to the group <3 )




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WDisneyRP-Riley Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2017
((I noticed that Riley isn't on your list of quintessences. I hope they get to meet soon))
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(( okay I finally do this! ))

*The green skinned woman walked into the wonderland she had some business to attend to with the red queen. Their were romours that she was starting to get desperate for allies since being turned on*

((also I haven't seen through the loosing glass yet))
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After she had finally found a way how to enter this strange and unknown world through the Magic Mirrow and left the rooms directly in front of the Mirror, Grimhilde had finally reached a place with a large meadow and huge trees. The landscape which she had seen was pretty and somehow... she couldn't tell it, yes somehow strange, but in a friendly and positive way... the flowers were colorful and had an own glance of beauty.

Grimhilde had brought some guards with her to her own safety in this foreign world, but after they had secured the area, they had fallen behind and the Queen had choosen to take some steps alone. Everything seemed to be peaceful and she enjoyed the minutes of recovery. But the landscape also seemed to be empty, nobody could be seen so far after a time of searching.

[Hello Alice! :) Love your page, awesome pictures here.]
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WDisneyRP-Zurg Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2016
((Hey there.  RP? ))
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WDisneyRP-Frollo Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2016
*The countryside of London was of stunning beauty, surrounded by green fields and forest, it was a place to enjoy life and peace. Alas, for the last couple of days, mysterious lights could be seen at night, as if something or someone were lurking at the forest.*
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