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Alice and the Mad Hatter are friends from long back. Every journey she has taken to Wonderland he has always been there to help her out. As one of her best friends he will always hold a special place in her heart.

Alice has met Flynn a number of times, firstly bumping into him at the expo in Arendelle and secondly when her ship had to pull into his kingdoms dock after a storm. Despite him seemingly having a shady past she finds him very sweet and caring and counts him as a good friend of hers.

Alice and Wendy are both very alike. They both live in London and have traveled to worlds beyond our own. Alice adores talking to Wendy about all things impossible and imaginative without feeling like an absolute lunatic. She will always count her as a close friend.

Merida and Alice get along very well, they are both two girls who have a love for adventure and don't have the time for boring family rules and regulations. Alice always has a wonderful time hanging out with Merida as they exchange stories and wild adventures they've had. Although they haven't known each other for a particularly long time Alice has grown fond of the Scottish princess and is happy to call her a friend.





"No Alice not there!" 

Alice's mother ran over to her and snatched the small ornament off the christmas tree, "You're placing it much to close to the others!" 

Alice sighed loudly and shook her head, "It's only a christmas tree mother, there is no 'proper' way to place on the decorations." 

"But there is a way I like them to be! We don't want the tree looking like it was decorated by a three year old." 

"At least a three year old would be more fun.." Alice muttered as she leaned down to pick up another ornament. 

"What was that?" 

"Ugh..nothing..nothing at all, I was just saying that..maybe you could finish the tree and I'll start on a different job, one I may be better at." 

Her mother thought for a moment then nodded, "Hmm..I suppose that may be better... Tell you what, I'll finish decorating this room and you can start hanging the tinsel up in the hall" 

Alice smiled brightly and ran out into the hall, the box with the tinsel was sitting in the middle of the room. She opened it up and began to take out the tinsel and wrap it around her neck and arms to save her the bother of having to keep returning to the box to get more. "Now..where to start.." She mumbled to herself looking around, "I suppose the stairs would be a good place" 

 She walked over and began to wrap the tinsel around the banisters, putting on as many different colours as she could. But as Alice neared the top a piece of tinsel got caught on her leg  "oh goodness!" She yelled in shock as she tried to grab onto the banister, but it was too late as the girl lost her balance and went tumbling down the stairs covered in tinsel. 

Alice moaned and sat up. She tried to rub her head, only to find that all of the tinsel on her arms and neck had wrapped around her entire body making her barely able to move.  She wriggled around on the floor feeling like an absolute idiot hoping that the tinsel would slide off her, but of course at that very moment the doorbell rang.  

 "Alice would you get that please!" She heard her mother call.

Alice shuffled to her feet and hoped over to the door, she stood on her tiptoes and was able to push one hand out of the tinsel to open the door.  "Hello?" 

(Alice is having a bit of trouble hanging up the decorations, if you'd like to help unwrap her don't hesitate to comment below xD )) 
  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Listening to: Winter wonderland
  • Reading: Twas the night before christmas


WDisneyRP-Alice's Profile Picture
Alice Kingsleigh
United Kingdom
"I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then. I'm afraid I can't explain myself, because I'm not myself, you know. I can't put it any more clearly for it isn't clear to me."

"My name is Alice. I live in London. I have a mother named Helen and a sister named Margaret. My father was Charles Kingsleigh. He had a vision that stretched half-way around the world and nothing ever stopped him. I'm his daughter. I'm Alice Kingsleigh."

"I sometimes believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

After recently declining a marriage proposal from Hamish Ascot I have started my journey on traveling around the world, I aim to visit everywhere!

But let's all take a seat and get acquainted with me :)

Alice's Character Development Profile
Aliases: most people always just call me alice, nothing more exciting then that..although on occasion I have been called Golden Girl. XD

Age: At the moment I am 19, my mother always tells me I've grown up so fast!
Home: London, England

I try my very best to be good, but we all enjoy a bit of mischief now and again ;)

Personality: A daydreamer, very curious, dreamy, thoughtful, imaginative, polite, well-mannered, kind, honest, respectful, brave..and I suppose I can have a bit of an attitude at times...

Abilities: Vivid imagination, shrinking and growing size, riding the Bandersnatch, using the Vorpal Sword, slaying the Jabberwock, escaping to Wonderland.

Habits: Daydreaming, believing impossible things, chasing rabbits, drinking strange liquids with labels, falling down holes

Flaws: Head in the clouds,impatient, often getting into trouble, easily confused or distracted, easily offended, doesn't tolerate rudeness and can be quick to lose her temper, sometimes confused about her identity, slightly insecure and wants to find her "muchness." Can be to curious at times.

Family: father Charles Kingsleigh (deceased), mother Helen, sister Margaret.

Enemies in Wonderland: The horrid Red Queen/The Queen of Hearts :iconwdisneyrp-red-queen:
She caused so much pain and horror in Wonderland that Alice will always despise her.

Knave Of Hearts
At first she believed he was loyal to the red Queen, but when she gained access to the red palace pretending to be 'um from Umbridge' he cornered her in the hall and tried to flirt with her, but luckily she was able to knock him away.
Alice icons: :iconaliceinwonderlandplz::iconalicekingsleighplz::iconalicekingsleyplz::icondw817alice1plz:

((If you'd like to rp feel feee to drop a good ol' rp starter on my page :3 I will reply to all! [As long as you're part of the group of course] ))

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WDisneyRP-Wendy Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Wendy wandered around London, wearing her best winter coat she walked past Alice's house. Suddenly she stopped in front of the house to count her money in her palm. She had to make sure all the money was still there
WDisneyRP-Alice Featured By Owner 3 days ago
At that very moment Alice stepped out of the door also wearing one of her best winter coats and a pair fingerless gloves. She began to walk down the steps and noticed Wendy standing at the bottom. She instantly smiled and ran down to meet her, "Wendy, what a pleasant surprise!" 
WDisneyRP-Wendy Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Wendy turned around and smiled happily seeing her friend rushing to her. "Alice! oh it's so good to see you!" She greeted.
WDisneyRP-Alice Featured By Owner 1 day ago
"It's been quite a while hasn't it!" She said still smiling happily, "How's your head?" 
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WDisneyRP-Hades Featured By Owner 6 days ago
"Ahem.. is this thing on?" a voice echoed in her head. It sounded
to be in a very good mood, but still not willing to have a longer
conversation for the most part. "Good. I have a task for you. I
need you to talk to a friend of mine. She has to do something for
me and you know very well how busy I am. Too busy to go and see her myself in fact. Her hideout is in a lake near your location.
Convenient, isn't it?! Tell her Hades sent you and I have a task for
her. Just call her name 'Stheno' near the waters and she will show
up. Oh and don't worry she won't hurt  you probably they don't appreciate subjects like you. Good luck~"
WDisneyRP-Alice Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Alice jumped in shock and looked around her, "what in the world...Hades?" She couldn't see him, but it had definitely been his voice. 
She'd hoped he wouldn't be returning seeemd luck was not on her side again. She looked around while she spoke looking for him, "Why exactly can't you go? You seem to be able to teleport anywhere" 
WDisneyRP-Hades Featured By Owner 3 days ago
The voice now stayed perfectly silent. The lord of dead had been
serious about him facing a seriously high pile of work to get to,
specifically damned souls that couldn't get onto the right track
by themselves. Unfortunately, that was all the advice she was
getting, that, and the knowledge that he was too lazy to settle
this business on his own.
WDisneyRP-Alice Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Alice waited for around five minutes for a reply before sighing loudly, "Very well, I'll go talk to this person." She pulled on a coat and began to follow the directions Hades had given her. A few times she considered turning around and storming home..but a small part of her hoped if she obeyed this guy for long enough he'd give her soul back. 
It was an unlikely thing to hapoen but it was all that kept her going right now. 
(1 Reply)
WDisneyRP-Constance Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
((The ghost's back, ladies!))

*Under a tree, Constance was reading a book she had taken from Frollo's library. One about theology. It wasn't her favourite subject but after being dead for more than a century she had grown accustomed to do anything to fight boredom. But she couldn't understand a thing she was reading, so she left the book aside and sighed. She was near a nice city, she didn't know which one exactly but it looked nice. She thought she may take a walk and see the dresses and hats of the stores in a while, now that sun was hiding and night was coming*
WDisneyRP-Alice Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
((Whoop whoop! Dance til ya can't no moe )) 

As night dawned upon the city Alice also preparing to head out. She had always preferred to go for a walk or stroll while others weren't around. It meant she had the chance to think in silence and appreciate the city without others crashing into her or trying to get her to buy something. She opened the door of her house and stepped out silently, hoping she wouldn't wake her mother or any of the helpers. 
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