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Every journey Alice has taken to Wonderland Hatter has always been there to help her out. She enjoys his company and has yet to find a tea party that can beat his. As one of her best friends he will always hold a special place in her heart.

Alice and Wendy are very alike. They both live in London and have traveled to worlds beyond our own. Alice adores talking to Wendy about all things impossible and imaginative without feeling like an absolute lunatic. She feels as if Wendy is the sister she never had and will do anything to protect her.

Alice has met Flynn a number of times, she first bumped into him at an Expo in Arendelle when she was lost. He helped her find her way again and from that moment on she's trusted him. Despite him having a shady past she finds him very sweet and caring and counts him as a good friend of hers. He was one of the very few to believe in Wonderland.

Merida and Alice get along very well, they are both two girls who have a love for adventure and don't have the time for boring family rules and regulations. Alice always has a wonderful time hanging out with Merida as they exchange stories and wild adventures they've had. Although they haven't known each other for a particularly long time Alice has grown fond of the Scottish princess and is happy to call her a friend.

A boy whom Alice met in the disguise of a servant. Since their first meeting she has bumped into him many times, soon finding out that he was really the king of England! She finds him very sweet, and is grateful to how supporting he is to her trading business. She understands how strange it must have been for Arthur to suddenly find out he was king of England, and loves to spend time with him while they both forget about the duties they uphold. Alice is honoured to call him a friend.


:iconwdisneyrp-ortensia::iconwdisneyrp-piglet: :iconwdisneyrp-tadashi::iconwdisneyrp-bo-peep::iconwdisneyrp-sultan::iconwdisneyrp-honeylemon:



Enemies outside of WL

None so far, let's hope it stays that way!~


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((I apologise for the lack of replies in the past week. School is taking up a lot of time and I've been too tired to reply properly, I hate sending half-cared about replies as they aren't up to the full standered of what I can do. DX ))
((Soooo close until big hero six comes to Ireland xD )) 
((I've been in a bit of a befuddle for a few weeks now. I'm very tempted to swtitch from Alice to cheshire but I can't decide if I should O.o I've made loads of new friends on Alice and I feel like I'll be abandoning them if I leave her. ;-; 
What do you guys think? Alice or Chessy?'We're all mad here' Emote Sign cheshire mov edible mushroom )) 
((Watching a movie and saw Alice in it xD [the actor] First time I've seen her in anything else ^^ )) 
Waking up this morning had not been pleasant. 

It had only occurred to Alice that something strange was going on when she attempted to put on her favourite blue dress, the first thought that came into the blondes mind when all of her forcing could not fit it on was that she must have put on weight in the past month. But when she next attempted to brush her hair in a mirror..that was when things got really strange. 
The face staring back at her was not her was a mans face, with golden curly hair like hers only shorter and the same face only more..masculine. 
Trying his/her very best to stay calm Alice decided to sneak out of the house in one of her/his fathers old baggy outfits and go into a shop to get some proper clothes to wear, deciding waltzing around in a dress may not be wise. He found a perfect light blue suit and a pair of white shoes. 
He headed back our into the street and took a deep breath, feeling very uncomfortable. 

There was only one thing he could think to do now..visit every single magic and mystical being he knew to try and find out what in the heavens was going on. 

((Yeaaaaaaa I know this is ridiculously short and badly written, but I've been very busy as of late and realised I was already a day late on posting this Sweating a little...  BUT HEY, MALE ALICE XDXDD This should be interesting to rp, I found a perfect photo for how I imagined she'd look and will set it as my icon and profile picture until the rp event is over ^-^ I can't wait to rp with all the other genderbent characters..and even of you aren't getting involved..still feel free to rp with male Alice xD just drop a starter below! 
Also...can anybody think of a good name for her to call herself while male?)) 
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WDisneyRP-Alice's Profile Picture
Alice Kingsleigh
United Kingdom
"I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then. I'm afraid I can't explain myself, because I'm not myself, you know. I can't put it any more clearly for it isn't clear to me."

"My name is Alice. I live in London. I have a mother named Helen and a sister named Margaret. My father was Charles Kingsleigh. He had a vision that stretched half-way around the world and nothing ever stopped him. I'm his daughter. I'm Alice Kingsleigh."

"I sometimes believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

After recently declining a marriage proposal from Hamish Ascot I have started my journey on traveling around the world with my fathers trading buisness, I aim to visit everywhere!

But let's all take a seat and get acquainted with me :)

Alice's Character Development Profile
Aliases: Alice, Miss Kingsleigh and occasion I have been called Golden Girl. XD

Age: At the moment I am 19, my mother always tells me I've grown up so fast!

Home: London, England

I try my very best to be good, but we all enjoy a bit of mischief now and again ;)

Personality: A daydreamer, very curious, dreamy, thoughtful, imaginative, polite, well-mannered, kind, honest, respectful, brave..and I suppose I can have a bit of an attitude at times...

Abilities: Vivid imagination, shrinking and growing size, riding the Bandersnatch, using the Vorpal Sword, slaying the Jabberwock, escaping to Wonderland.

Habits: Daydreaming, believing impossible things, chasing rabbits, drinking strange liquids with labels, falling down holes

Flaws: Head in the clouds,impatient, often getting into trouble, easily confused or distracted, easily offended, doesn't tolerate rudeness and can be quick to lose her temper, sometimes confused about her identity, when stressed or under pressure she paces, slightly insecure and wants to find her "muchness." Can be to curious at times.

Family: father Charles Kingsleigh (deceased), mother Helen, sister Margaret.

Enemies in Wonderland: The horrid Red Queen/The Queen of Hearts :iconwdisneyrp-red-queen:
She caused so much pain and horror in Wonderland that Alice will always despise her.

Knave Of Hearts
At first she believed he was loyal to the red Queen, but when she gained access to the red palace pretending to be 'um from Umbridge' he cornered her in the hall and tried to flirt with her, but luckily she was able to knock him away.
Alice icons: :iconaliceinwonderlandplz::iconalicekingsleighplz::iconalicekingsleyplz::icondw817alice1plz:

((If you'd like to rp feel feee to drop a good ol' rp starter on my page :3 I will reply to all! [As long as you're part of the group of course] ))

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WDisneyRP-Alice has started a donation pool!
10 / 100
If you have any free points I'd be forever grateful if you donated them ^_^ I aim to try and upgrade this account, plus the journals are really nice... xD

(Some of my alice in wonderland head cannons)

Alices favourite colour is blue, because it was the colour her father loved to see her dressed in before he passed away.

She has always dreamed of having a pet rabbit, but her mother refuses.

Alice has never been able to decide if she's a cat or dog person :P

If Alice ever went on a date the thing she'd want least are flowers, they bring back bad memories of her being a 'weed' to them in wonderland.

She has always dreamed of having a brother or sister, someone whom she could care for and tell her adventures in Wonderland to.

Alice loves tea~ who would have guessed?

(Side note, this is sort of a headcannon..
Alices fathers business profession was never actually mentioned in the movie. So I have used as many hints as I could and decided that for RP purposes I will make it a trading buisness))

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While Bonnie was out for the afternoon with her mother and the other toys were engaged in a card game tournament, Bo decided to slip outside for a quiet walk. As often happened with her walks, though, before long she realized that she was suddenly no longer in her neighborhood but in the middle of a well-manicured garden. "Oh dear," she thought, shaking her head. "It looks like I'm really in the middle of a muddle. I wonder where I've ended up this time?" Not knowing what else to do, she decided to head for the house that seemed to be attached to the garden where she could hopefully either find a friendly human or at least overhear something useful from one of the inhabitant's conversations. Just as she started her journey, however, she rounded a corner and ran smack-dab into someone's leg.

((Hi there! :wave: ))
WDisneyRP-Alice Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2015
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Alice yelped in surprise and jumped backwards, but as her luck had it there was a small rock behind her foot and she was sent tumbling backwards onto the grass. "oh dear.." She mumbled slowly sitting up and rubbing her head. 
WDisneyRP-Bo-Peep Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
"Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry!" Bo cries, momentarily forgetting to be cautious and hurrying forward to check on the girl. "Are you alright?" 
WDisneyRP-Alice Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015
Alice sat up fully and shook her head to clear her vision again, "I..I'm fine thank you." She mumbled. 
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WDisneyRP-Wendy Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014
Wendy wandered around London, wearing her best winter coat she walked past Alice's house. Suddenly she stopped in front of the house to count her money in her palm. She had to make sure all the money was still there
WDisneyRP-Alice Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014
At that very moment Alice stepped out of the door also wearing one of her best winter coats and a pair fingerless gloves. She began to walk down the steps and noticed Wendy standing at the bottom. She instantly smiled and ran down to meet her, "Wendy, what a pleasant surprise!" 
WDisneyRP-Wendy Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2014
Wendy turned around and smiled happily seeing her friend rushing to her. "Alice! oh it's so good to see you!" She greeted.
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